Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

Learn about the importance of cacao through the ages.

If you are interested in connecting with others and yourself on a deeper level, adding ceremonial grade cacao to your life can help foster transformation and growth. At a cacao ceremony, you will have the opportunity to see why indigenous people of Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, and parts South America considered cacao to be a powerful substance. The Aztecs called it the "Elixir of the gods."

Many plants have medicinal qualities, as you may be aware. One of the most powerful plants is the Cacao Tree, with its superfood the cacao bean. Cacao has been considered to be medicinal, healing both the body and cleansing the spirit.

I invite you to join me for Full Moon Cacao Ceremony on Wednesday, May 22nd at 5:30 pm EDT to learn more about the incredible benefits of cacao on our overall well-being, and to participate in a ceremony that will enrich your life. This will incorporate a Power of Nine Walk at Coleman's Park, guided meditation, history of cacao, as well as gentle movement and energetic intention setting. Of course we will be sipping ceremonial-grade cacao as we enjoy the evening.

We'll conclude with a light supper with vegan options.

Meet Marianne Bartley, The Facilitator of Full Moon Cacao Ceremony

After a successful career in educational leadership, in 2018 I established Time to Think, LLC, designed to help leaders and all individuals maximize their potential. As a health coach, I am committed to providing exceptional services to my clients. I believe that by harnessing personal energy and collective brain power, I can be a catalyst in your transformation. I look forward to working with you!

My interest in Cacao Ceremonies began about four years ago, through my affiliation with Danette May. I've taken part in cacao ceremonies in Denver, CO, Sedona, AZ and Costa Rica. I am part of an International Group of Cacao Ceremony Facilitators. Ceremonial-grade cacao has brought me a great deal of joy, and I believe it will do the same for you!

Hosted by:

Time To Think, LLC

Renew your spirit!

Participating in a cacao ceremony is not a "once and done - I'll check that off my list of experiences" type of thing. It is an opportunity to grow continually over time and to connect with the natural rhythm of nature and with others who see more to life than what meets the eye.

If you’re ready to join me, don’t miss out on Full Moon Cacao Ceremony! In addition, if you would like to bring your own instrument - a shaker, a drum, a cow bell, feel free. I'll be using my guitar.

Registration fee is $20.

Can’t Wait To Be With You On Wednesday, May 22nd At 5:30 pm EDT!

When And Where
From May 22, 2024 - 05:30 PM To 7:45 PM EDT
1516 Elm Street Lebanon 17042 United States